Golf Skirts, Tennis Wear, Running Outfits, Golf Shorts...with flair

Athletic Wear With Flair

Fun, statement-making prints for golf, tennis, running, or any other sport. Smash Dandy offers bold, outrageous golf skirts, tennis skirts, running skirts, and golf shorts to give you the edge you need.

We use the finest, stay-cool spandex fabrics, including Sportek brand nylon/spandex. 
Our sports clothing is premium quality and made in the USA, in our design/production center in Michigan.

In addition, almost everything is made-to-order so that you can request personalization such as custom skirt lengths or custom sizing. This is a great option to get a custom golf skirt, custom tennis skirt, or custom running skirt made just for you!

Made in the USA

All of our products are manufactured at our facility in Rochester, Michigan. We are a Women-owned, Veteran-owned business, operating in the USA.

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